In bloom...

This morning I finished cutting whites for the new quilt kit. I'm really going to like this one. It's a lap quilt from one of my old books, from the days when you cut fabric using templates and scissors. Thank goodness someone invented the rotary cutter! It's a simple pattern made from two alternating blocks: a sawtooth star, and a 9-patch with a larger center square. Together they make a really cool design. I'm still trying to use up scraps; just needed to cut into a few more fat quarters to fill out the colors: red, brown, blue, gold, and rust.

I should be working in the yard, but we're getting ready for a long weekend out of town, so I turned my back on the outdoors. It was hard. The yard is beautiful right now. The lilacs are still in full bloom, and the perennials are ready to burst into bloom. This is my favorite time of year in the garden.

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