In the city...

Today was one of those amazing spring days. A day spent in a part of the city we haven't been to in a very long time. A day with geocaching friends. A day of walking on Queen Anne Hill, along the Montlake Cut, in Shilshole Park, and on the streets of Ballard.

If I were ever to live in a city, I'd live here. Ballard has a narrow business district along the water, and the rest is full of bungalows on tree-lined streets, old brick storefronts that now house coffee shops and local businesses, and the rest is quiet neighborhoods that follow the slope of the hills down to salt water, and out to Puget Sound.

We finished the evening sampling some local brews, then enjoyed a pizza at an old favorite, the Northlake Tavern.

This may be the best reuse of a container 
for a geocache that I've ever seen!

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