Knee deep...

We spent the day on a road trip through some of our favorite parts of Western Washington, and ended up in a place we've never been before: Grand Mound. And just a bit north of this small town, we discovered the most amazing place. A huge open space park full of trails that wind through a sea of wildflowers.

I hadn't taken ten steps into the meadow before I was reaching  for my big girl camera, and it's a wonder I kept DW in sight, as much as I kept stopping to take pictures.

We stopped to chat with a woman with a huge black dog, who said a bear cub had been sighted earlier, out at the edge of the trees. Hope we don't run into it; the trees are where we're heading. But first, more photographs of the camas.

And the small purple violets, and the bright orange paintbrush, and the purple and white flowers that I couldn't identify.

As we walked back toward the parking area, the light was beginning to fade in the late afternoon, just as a family headed out into the flowers with their young daughter and two Golden retrievers. I was too far away for a really sharp image, but I love the light.

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  1. If there's one thing I love about spring, it's the appearance of these beautiful wildflower meadows!


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