A not-so quiet day

I was up by 7:00, after listening to a lot of chiming cycles from the clock in the living room. It was sunny and bright outside the windows, and I wasn't remotely hungry after our late dinner last night. So, I thought I'd get an early start in the garden. I made a mug of lemon tea and checked the thermometer. Oh... 41 degrees. Maybe I'll wait a bit for the sun to warm things up!

So I worked in the quilting studio this morning, and hung the new hummingbird feeders, and got Madison set up to watch them from her tower. She was enthralled.

Finally I made it outside into the sunshine, where I pulled weeds, and edged, and moved landscape boulders, and dug through sod that's been thriving for a couple of decades. I thought about the quilt I'm making, and the quilt guild I just joined, and the plans for the summer. And about friends coming to visit, and my eldest sister who is coming this summer, and how beautiful this place is... and how much I love it.

After Dave finished mowing, we went for a short hike, and finished the day at Hop Jacks at Four Corners, where I had the best Cobb salad ever.

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