By hand...

I spent a happy few hours in the sewing room today, finishing up a small quilt. It's one of a dozen or so kits I've put together over the past couple of months. Every piece in it came from my scrap bins and from fat quarters I've had for years, and some of these fabrics have been in my sewing room for years. 

I had so much fun doing this, once I made the first kit, I didn't want to stop. So I chose more patterns and fabrics, and bundled each one together with the instructions. 

Just like a quilt store. 

But all for me. 

Some will be wall hangings or table toppers, and some are big enough for lap quilts for cold winter evenings. I like that I used up so many scraps of fabric, and freed up so much room. For more fabric.

When possible, I plan to hand quilted the small ones; they'll be perfect projects to take to the cabin, and on our summer road trips.

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