At the lake...

Finally, we found the time to make it out to our lakeside cabin for a few days. Madison came with us, her first car ride since we brought her home last winter. All of our cats spent time at the cabin, and they were different there. Just like we use the cabin to relax and dump the stress, I think our cats are more relaxed there, too.

We unloaded and hauled the Adirondack chairs to the deck, popped open a couple of cold beers, and dipped chips into salsa. And enjoyed the sun on the water, the bright blue sky, and watching the fishermen trying their luck. The wind was blowing pretty hard and the water was choppy most of the afternoon. But eventually the bugs drove us off the deck and away from a beautiful evening... with a now-calm lake and the sun going down.

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  1. Beautiful view and reflections! How lucky to have your own cabin here.


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