Madison's post-bath washing, which with her fur coat, takes a couple of hours. Then she'll sleep for another couple of hours. I love her furry feet!

Sleep came hard last night; long naps, however lovely, don't do much to help me get a good night's sleep. I pulled out my tablet and watched quilting videos. Then tried again to sleep. Then pulled out the tablet again. Sigh...

Dave stayed up way too late, so he was in the same shape I was when we got up at 8:00. So I suggested we take the wee red MX-5 to breakfast at a favorite spot in Enumclaw, which included homemade molasses cookies. They make them every morning, and pass them around to their customers. Nice, yes?

Anyway, our great start to the morning led to geocaching in Buckley and Wilkeson, lots of back roads with the top down on a beautiful day. But we finally had to point the car toward home.

Where I turned my back on all that yard work, and took a long nap.


  1. I hate it when I can't sleep, which doesn't happen often any more.


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