Picking up @ DeLille

We interrupted our packing for Hood River, and went to Woodinville for a bit of wine tasting. We had wine to pick up at DiStefano and at DeLille, and we were lucky enough to find Adams Bench open for the afternoon.

At DeLille, the new patio for wine club members was open, and it we enjoyed sitting in the sun with our wine samples... for about 2 minutes, then it started to rain. Bummer! No worries, though...  we moved undercover, and talked about our upcoming trip, and toasted Dave's retirement (Thursday was his last day).

After logging our presence at DeLille (love this facebook app!), I fooled around with the camera in my brand new Android phone. Even though I never leave the house without my Canon ultrazoom, it's been fun to have a really good camera in my phone, perfect for those unexpected photo ops.

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