Sailboats, cabin-style

Aren't these cute? A few years ago during our annual 4th of July gathering at the cabin, someone up the lake was building them and sending them out. They'd been sailing past for the last couple of hours, heading north. After the first one came into shore, the kids started swimming out and bringing them back to shore. They had a blast running for the water, jumping in, and racing each other to be first to the boat. By the time we walked over from our cabin to spend the evening at our friends' firepit, there was a whole line of them on the picnic bench. It was fun to examine the construction techniques, and see how the design of each successive boat was tweaked to make it sail better.

The hulls were all cut from cedar boards, the sails were made from bits of colored nylon, and the rigging was fishing line. Each boat had a working rudder cut from a clear plastic drinking cup. And each boat was different: different sizes, two sails vs. one, different sized keels.

When we headed for home at the end of the weekend, the small boat with the pink sail came home with us.

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