Retirement tips from a novice | Part 6

This one should really be a pre-retirement tip.

Long before you retire, start thinking about how you want to spend your days after retirement. Not just the mental list, the one where you'd dream about retirement and the things you'd finally have time to do. Make a real list, and write it down.

I always had a "mental list," with the usual stuff on it: travel, spend more time with family, finally do those projects I never had time for. I suspect most people have these three things on their retirement list.

But when I started to write things down, an interesting thing happened:  my list snowballed as I expected it would, but the more I wrote down, the more I realized just how possible it would be to achieve my goals once I had control of my time. It seems obvious, but I just didn't see it until I wrote down every possibility.

And that, my friends, made all the difference in my own attitude about retiring and when to take the plunge. The more I added to my list, the more anxious I was to get started.

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