Hooked on header photographs

Choosing a new photo for my blog header is something I really enjoy. The problem is, once I pick the perfect photo, I don't want to give it up. I love opening up my blog every day and seeing that photo. I remember the day I took it, what I was doing, and what I felt. My memories add so much more information to the metadata my camera records.

So, from now on when I choose a photo for my blog header, I'll write something about it. Where it was taken, what the light was like, why I felt drawn to capture that scene with my camera.

On a recent walk on a favorite local trail, the sunlight shining on a row of trees caught my eye. The moss had the brilliant green of spring, and the sun lit up the lichen and made it pop. The tree is an old one, with deeply etched bark. I used my wide landscape mode to emphasize the pattern, then turned it sideways for the header.

1/200 sec.
ISO 400

My previous header photo was taken in another part of this park, reflected sky in the quiet surface of the creek, surrounded by foliage, with duckweed floating in the water. I loved the colors and the serenity.

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