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It's a thrill to look out at my gardens this time of year, and every day see new evidence of spring. First up each year is a rhododendron that actually blooms through winter, all the way into April. I don't know the variety, but because of when it begins blooming each year, I call it the Christmas rhodie. Then the daffodils start to push through the soil, and I bring in forsythia branches to force. I love the bright yellow at the tail end of a gloomy, grey winter.

But by far my favorite sign of spring is the big camellia bush that sits outside my kitchen windows. I watch the buds swell, then the red color starts to show at the top, where the sun reaches first. When that first blossom bursts into bloom, my heart sings.

For this week's Texture Tuesday I chose a close-up of a branch of forsythia, taken in the sun just after a rain shower. I love the textured image, but also love my original photographs that show raindrops on the blooms.

Hope your spring day is sunny and full of spring flowers...

Textured with kkminus432 and adjustment layer multiply

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  1. Wow, what a great variety of Spring popping up in your parts of the world.



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