The big wheel

We met friends at Elliott's Oyster house last night for dinner, a regular event that finds this group at a different restaurant each month, exploring the cuisine and wine of local restaurants. We've also gotten to know each other as we explore great food and wine... a side benefit that's become very special to me.

After eating dinner and talking and much laughter, we walked up the waterfront to ride Seattle's new Ferris wheel. We'd printed our tickets in advance (much recommended, unless you like waiting in line), and walked right on, ahead of the crowd. I felt sorry for the mob of high-school kids who were here before their prom; girls in short skirts and no coats or wraps of any kind, wearing towering heels and trying to walk on the boards of the pier. Some gave up, and their dates were carrying them!

We got five revolutions for our ticket: once around while they loaded the cars, three non-stop tours, and another to unload. We had a great view of the city lights, the ferryboats adrift in the blackness of Elliott Bay and Puget Sound, and the sky dusted with a million stars.

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