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This weekend was the first family weekend at the cabin in almost a year. It was also the first time we've ever had such a big group of fishermen there. So we launched our canoe, my sister brought her kayak, and we borrowed a paddle boat from friends up the lake.

Saturday afternoon, when the water skiers were disappearing from the lake in search of their dinner, the fishermen reclaimed the lake. And on our deck, the fly boxes and lures came out for inspection, Dave and Jeromy and Bob passing their boxes around. And I heard the age-old question that all fly fishermen ask: What flies do you think will work today?

Ella was fascinated by the display of feathery bugs on hooks, the subtle colors, the different shapes. Her Uncle Dave was happy to answer her questions and let her touch the flies in his box. But I think at her age, the beautiful, colorful lures used for spin casting were more to her liking!


Bob rigged up a fishing pole for his granddaughter, and took her down to the shore to practice her casting. She is the youngest member of a family that loves to fish, and is already an eager student.

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