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We went to Orvis today to use our $25 certificates from our Fly Fishing 101 class.  We've been holding out for sling packs, have looked at a lot of them, but decided the Orvis Safe Passage Magnum pack fits our needs the best.

We also picked out a few other essentials, like a holder for tippet spools, dry floatant, a pin-on zinger, and a few PMD dries, which are recommended for fishing the Cedar River in the evening hours.

While we were discussing the sling pack and how best to set it up, a man walked in with his cell phone in hand, and it rang. He answered it, listened briefly, then said, "I'm about to go into a meeting. Can I call you back later?" Then he hung up and started looking at fly fishing waders.

I just smiled. Not too long ago, I'd have been tempted to do the same thing.

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