Canning jar cork holder

Years ago I found a few big canning jars at a yard sale, and they've been perfect for making sun tea. Big enough to make it worth my while, small enough to fit in the refrigerator alongside the milk. And in a tiny junk store in Curlew a few years later, I found a box of aluminum jar rings with dog bone openings, with matching glass seals.

I was packing away my sun tea jars today, and it dawned on me. Canning jar + aluminum ring - glass seal = the perfect display jar for wine corks.

The jar sits on a stool next to the sideboard in my farmhouse kitchen, where we serve wine. Pull the cork, drop it through the opening in the lid, simple.

Finding uses for my collection of old canning jars is always a good thing, and the look is perfect for my country kitchen. Doesn't get better than that.

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