Land trust sheep

An August family gathering at my sister's place on Vashon, on the last day of our eldest sister's visit. We played in the creek for a while, then I walked up to the old barn to take photographs. When I came around the barn, I came face to face with a flock of sheep. Hmmm... didn't know they had sheep.

They came to an abrupt stop and stared right back, then dropped their heads and grazed... but they all kept a suspicious eye on me.

I dropped to my knees to watch and take pictures, then called for my sister. She said they're visiting from the upper part of the pasture, where they graze on the land trust part of the property.

Peter shooed them back up the hill toward "home," but with just him herding the flock, he couldn't control where they went. And sure enough, they headed down the wrong path toward the creek. So we formed a line to block them, and he drove them back out and up to their fenced pasture.

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