Yakima Canyon in flood

This is one of my favorite places, and not just because the twisty road was made for my MX-5. I love the way the road hugs the river, and how the hills change from season to season. Whether covered with snow or with golden grass, they're equally beautiful. If we're lucky, we'll see eagles and hawks soaring on the air currents.

On a road trip through Idaho last May, we drove the canyon on the first day, and on the last. The river was high when we started our road trip, and was in flood when we came back because of back-to-back thunderstorms on the eastern slope of the Cascades (where the Yakima River has its origins).

Come fall, the water will drop and the river can be waded by fly fishermen. I'm looking forward to that. But for this one day in May, I loved seeing the canyon full of a rushing river.

Looking for snakes... and a geocache

There's an eagles nest in one of the pine trees along the river.

It's a short walk from the highway down to the cliffs.

That row of trees is currently on an island... it isn't supposed to be.

Flooded fields near Canyon Road, at the mouth of the canyon.

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