My cat is deaf

James, my dear, sweet American Shorthair cat, has gone deaf. We didn't notice at first; she's always been very good at ignoring anything she wants to, at any time. But she kept disappearing into odd corners of the house and howling, something she's never done before. And it finally dawned on me: she howls because she can't hear herself... and maybe if she cries loudly enough, she'll be able to hear. It breaks my heart.

So life at home has changed. I still call her name, expecting her to lift her head and look at me. That's one habit I'm sure I won't be able to shake. I talk to my cats, always have.

It's been three months now, and she's gotten used to her deafness. She always knows when it's dinnertime (I don't have to call her now), and she puts herself to bed every night. And thank goodness, she no longer startles me by howling from the far reaches of the farmhouse.

And she's still my beautiful James.

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