Sign collection

I grew up in a town with an old central core of brick buildings, and I think that's where I learned to love advertising signs painted right on the brick. My current home town has a lot of signs and murals, but few are in their original, faded state. Most have been repainted, or are new.

One thing we always do on road trips is look for the original main street of each town we pass through. That's where we'll find the original brick buildings and the best architecture, and with luck, I'll find signs to photograph. In the small British Columbia town of Greenwood, I found two more for my collection. Greenwood is a cool town, with an old customs house, massive coal mine tailings along the river, a tall brick smokestack, fanciful iron fences, and lots of antique houses.

As we turned down a side street that headed downhill to the main street, I spotted this awesome salmon advertisement. There was a delivery truck parked in front of it, so we parked and walked through town, got cold drinks, and waited for it to leave. The wait was worth every minute.

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