Winery party @ Cultura

A couple of weeks ago we were in wine country. It was the first wine club party at Cultura, our favorite winery in the valley. We spent the weekend with friends in Ellensburg, and the four of us headed south and caught up with other friends for an afternoon of wine tasting.

We've been coming here since Tad & Sarah's winery was known as Christopher Cellars, and we never miss stopping by for a chat and a sip of wine whenever we come through the valley. It's the most welcoming tasting room, always a good time. So we couldn't wait to bring our Ellensburg friends here.

When we arrived early afternoon, the caterers were already cooking the huge pork roast that would become part of the food that evening. The tasting room was crowded, but Tad spotted us and came out with glasses and wine bottle in hand. We sampled all the reds, then moved on to make room for the big group that had just arrived on horseback. One of these days we'll do our wine tasting this way.

At 6:00 we made our way back to Cultura, admiring the food cooking on the grill on our way inside. The party was already in gear, a lot of happy looking folks with wine glasses in hand. And we had a great time. Wine tasting was in the tasting room and outside, and the buffet was set up in the barrel room. Like us, everyone went back and forth, finally settling down in the tasting room where we picked up our wines and a special bag of chocolate goodies for the drive back to Ellensburg. Tad and Sarah throw a good party, and we're already looking forward to spring, when we'll do it all over again.

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