A surgeon's touch

Easter Sunday is always a gathering of family for food and wine and an afternoon of talking and planning.

I won't soon remember this gathering. It started with surgery on a recalcitrant wine bottle by Dr. Bruce. Pliers didn't work, vice grips didn't work, but pliers and vise grips did the trick! (Who would have thought a screw cork would be so tough to pull?)

The afternoon ended with the guys taking turns trying on my MX-5 roadster for size, Mark had the worst time; at 6 ft. 8, he's not exactly the driver that Mazda designed the MX-5 was designed for.

Brother Bruce is 6 ft. 2, and fits it perfectly.

So we laughed, and took photos, and wandered back inside... leaving the top down. A half hour later I glanced outside, and our sunny afternoon had turned black and stormy and it was raining. Dang! I ran outside with a towel and my key and pulled up the top, but not before it got pretty damp inside, and I got pretty darn wet outside.

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