Back roads...

I took a back road instead of the highway today, on my way to the plateau for another try for my favorite mountain. This small pond is usually deserted except for geese (the snowy variety in winter, the Canada variety in spring). But today there were no birds, just a couple of fishermen in a small boat, barely ruffling the surface.

It was so peaceful, I decided to spend some time hanging out by the sturdy gate with its obviously ignored signpost. In spite of the telephone pole gatepost and the beefy timbers of the gate, gravity has pulled it even with the slope of the land.

The rusty sign, the silent fishermen, the trees and grasses turning the green of spring... so beautiful and peaceful in the early morning light.

And while I was there, the mountain peeked out briefly from under its cap of clouds. You can just make out its perfect "ice cream cone" shape.


  1. Looks like you had great weather for your wanderings!

  2. Wonderful back road moments!


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