Moments... life and reruns

This was an interesting week.  Monday and Tuesday we helped on the bottling line at DeLille Cellars. Sorting foils and packing boxes, feeding empty bottles into the machine, labeling and sealing cases, stacking boxes on pallets. Hard work, but we met some nice people and had a good time. We also came home with bottles of Aix, D2, and Chaleur Estate Blanc, nine bottles in all.

True Red came out with us, first to breakfast in Woodinville, then waited outside the bottling truck until we were finished each day.

Tuesday we joined our old car club for dinner at Claim Jumper. We haven't been active for a few years, and maybe it's time to start taking the wee car out to play with her old buddies.

Wednesday, it rained. Oh, joy...

Thursday was a day of perfect spring weather, and while Dave mowed the lawn, I weeded all the patio borders, dug out some unwanted volunteer blackberries, and cut back the ferns.

When the grass got too thick and tall for the lawn tractor, the big boy came out to play.

Friday and Saturday we rested after our labors. Dave did the taxes, and during breaks we watched old M*A*S*H reruns. I started reviewing my landscape photographs from the past five years of road trips, wrote in my journal, and planned a photography road trip close to home.

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