Lunar eclipse

The alarm went off at 3:45... I cheated and let myself sleep a few extra minutes. Then I pulled on my warm clothes, and ran upstairs to see where the moon was. Cool... it's clear!

The eclipse was already under way. Tripod in hand, I slid across the front porch (it's well below freezing, and frost was forming on the wood boards) and out to the orchard, and set up the tripod.
Brrr...  it's cold.

The last time I saw a total lunar eclipse, it was twilight and I'd walked across the yard to get something out of the barn, and as I walked back to the house, there was the moon, hanging over the valley. And in partial eclipse. I didn't even know there was going to be one! We stood outside in the balmy air, and watched the complete cycle.

Tonight's show will be a short one, but spectacular.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the final stage. Just as the last sliver of brightness faded, the clouds rose up from the horizon, and blocked out the moon. I waited and watched, and the clouds just got thicker, until they blocked out the sky.

I'm envious of the beautiful moon photographs people in other places were able to capture. When the next lunar eclipse comes around this fall, I'll plan to be somewhere with less cloud cover, maybe Idaho. And maybe I'll have a faster, longer telephoto lens.

My calendar is already marked for September 28th.

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