Feeling a bit nostalgic...

We used to meet friends at The Dog & Pony after a long work week. It was always a bit of a dive, with limited parking and questionable decor. But the D&P had the best selection of beer on tap, and good food, and it was smack in the middle of where all of us worked. That made it the logical choice. But once our friends started to retire, or moved to other jobs, we gradually stopped coming.

Last week we drove past, and noticed the new paint job. Then we discovered it was the target of a Restaurant Impossible episode. This we've got to see! So after a hot day spent geocaching (we're still ignoring that bathroom!), we came here for a beer and dinner.

The regulars might miss the stained floor and mis-matched tables and chairs, the multi-colored paint and bits of wallpaper and stenciling, and the lack of stools at the bar. Not me. The place is as friendly as always, and now it looks good.

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