Surviving the heat...

I haven't spent much time writing lately, or taken my camera out for a walk. It's been too hot to do much of anything. I water the garden, and we've been doing a lot of geocaching, and we've gotten a lot done in the bathroom: patching sheetrock, digging out old caulk and replacing it, and wiring in a new outlet at the other end of the counter. I've nearly finished washing off the remains of the wallpaper glue, and if there's any chore I could have chosen for these hot days, this is it. It was heaven to rinse my sponge in cold water, over and over, for hours.

Things are going along just fine outdoors, without my help. The mulch I put down in the flowerbeds is keeping the weeds in check, for now. The birds clean out the feeders every few days, and the hummingbirds chase each other away from the nectar. The quail family raised seven chicks, and five of them survived. The blackberries are so good, already.

Today, my nephew and his family arrive from Tasmania, to begin a 3-month road trip through the American West, and into Canada. We'll celebrate their arrival with a weekend at the lake, and I'm looking forward to swimming and floating. There's nowhere I'd rather be on these hot summer days, than at our cabin.

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