Neighborhood pub...

It's a familiar statement of ours: Why isn't this in our neighborhood?

We say it about our favorite breakfast place (in Maple Valley), and our favorite brick-walled bar & grill (in Prosser), and our favorite winery (in Zillah).

We spent most of this hot day at Pt. Defiance Park, geocaching and hiking through the woods and walking on the beach. Afterwards, we looked for a place to have dinner, and found the Park Way Tavern. It's in my favorite neighborhood in Tacoma, streets full of old homes and shady trees, close to downtown but also close to the bluff that faces north, toward Puget Sound and Vashon Island.

We cooled off with a beer, and ordered burgers, and people watched for a couple of hours. The food was good, the beer list is long, and the place is full of charm and character. It definitely makes the list.

As we left, the sun was low and red, shining right down the street and lighting up the pavement.

What a great place to finish up the day.

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