Black and blue...

Yesterday I laced on my new hiking shoes and wore them for a couple of hours. The right barely laced up, because of my swollen foot and ankle. But it gave me support and protection. I've been walking and climbing the stairs, trying to keep my foot flexible. I quilted a bit, and did laundry, then pulled off my boots to take a reading break. My toes and lump and ankle are turning blue and purple and black, probably from icing my foot.

Maddie curled up on the bed with me while I read; I'm working my way through my favorite Mary Stewart books from a few decades ago: The Moonspinners, My Brother Michael, The Ivy Tree, and others.

Dave took me out caching, then to The Milton for a cold beer and a hot pizza. No standing in the kitchen for me for a few more days.

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  1. That's one way to get out of cooking. Not the desired way though.


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