Madison and the four humans...

Our cat, Madison, was adopted by a family with three small children, and four months later, taken to the animal shelter. One of the kids turned out to be extremely allergic to cats, so there was good reason. Still, she seems to have an intense need to keep track of her humans, worried that she will be abandoned once again.

The past few days, my eldest sister and brother-in-law have been staying with us, getting ready for a long road trip through the Rocky Mountain states in their camper. This change, having four adults in the house instead of just two, is throwing Madison for a loop. She's friendly and welcoming, but spooks easily when someone comes into the room that she isn't expecting, as though forgetting that there are more people in the house.

She's most settled when all four of us are in the living room in the evening, checking on e-mail and looking at photographs, chatting over mugs of tea. Then she can keep all of us in sight, and know she is safe.

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