This morning as I stood washing up a few dishes in the kitchen sink, I saw movement on the driveway. A small deer, no two. Followed by a larger doe, and a 3-point buck. Four deer, that's a record here on the farm.

A doe and very young fawn, from June 2012 near Hood River

This was a family:  twin fawns, with their parents. They made a beeline for the orchard, and I made a beeline for my Nikon. But they passed right through the orchard, into the pasture, heading toward the pond, parents chasing after offspring. As I watched, they dashed through the cottonwood grove back to the private road, running straight for the county road. The impetuous youth... heading straight toward danger. Just as they went out of sight behind our cottonwood trees, I heard the gruff rattle of a Jake brake as a big dump truck towing a backhoe came to a screeching halt. No need to wonder what brought him to a dead stop in the middle of the road.

It all happened in under five minutes... wish they'd stayed around to graze in the orchard. Or for a photo.

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  1. What a great discovery! Yes, too bad they didn't stick around.


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