When everyone leaves...

My family left today for two weeks exploring their way through the Rockies. I couldn't go, so after we said our goodbyes, what else to do but go geocaching? With a sprained ankle. And my hiking poles.

We did a late breakfast at our favorite little diner, then headed for Snoqualmie Pass and a big cluster of geocaches. It's a gorgeous day, warm and sunny, but not hot. Most of the caches were at trailheads, and I wanted to sling my pack over my shoulder and head up the trail, any trail. But I had to be content to walk on the smooth paths and avoid the uneven ground, and take photographs.

We found two treasures today:  a grove of first-growth evergreens dedicated to the memory of Asahel Curtis. And beautiful Franklin falls on the South Fork of the Snoqualmie River. It's also memorable because it flows between the westbound and eastbound lanes of I-90. And because the fall plunges into a deep green pool with a sheer wall of rock behind it, making for a cold but popular swimming hole. It's also a favorite (and difficult) waterfall for kayakers to attempt.

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