Signs of autumn...

    Fallen leaves and mushrooms, Fox Island

There are lots of signs of autumn here... hillsides full of color as the trees start to change... brilliant vine maples, then sumac, then alders and aspen turn yellow, and the cottonwoods turn into towering statues of bright yellow that fill the riverbottoms with color. Last are the big-leaf maples that change to yellow then gold then bronze before finally losing their leaves in November.

The leaves carpet the land, crisp and crunchy on those sunny days when I love to walk the trails, kicking the dry leaves as I walk. And soft and cushiony when it rains.

Autumn also brings a different sort of carpet to the land... mushrooms. I only recognize one type, the chantrelle. They are abundant on our lake property, and every fall I walk the woods, collecting them and drying them, then freezing them to cook with in the winter.

The rest I am happy to collect in a photograph.

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