The oh-so-cute wristlet from my talented niece, Caroline

A new experiment in thrifting: washing reclaimed wool skirts and sweaters from the thrift store. There's something so deeply satisfying about making something new from something old. My plan is to use the wool for applique, but my niece is already a master at reclaiming: she makes clutch handbags, totes, zipper pouches, and wristlets using reclaimed and new materials. This one spoke to me... the rolling farmland design reminds me of the Palouse country I love.

This wet and chilly day included a visit to the thrift store, a new U.W. Huskies debit card (after the cash machine ate my old one), and a flu shot. The weather system at the farm recorded nearly an inch of rain today, which kept us close to home for our daily geocache. With heavy clouds all day, it was dark by 5:30, another reminder that winter is just around the corner. We need to clean the chimney soon; it's getting colder and I'm longing for a fire in the woodstove.

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