I think maple leaves just might be the prettiest shape in nature

We woke to a steady downpour of rain, but an alert on my phone reminded me that today is the only day this month that the historical museum in Maple Valley is open. First though, breakfast. Testy Chef had a line out the door, but we snagged seats at the counter 'cause no one else wanted them. I love counter seats... you can watch the chef cook, and chat with the staff. We've been regulars here since they opened the doors, but it's the first time we've sat at the counter.

It's still raining. Sigh...

But we still need to find a cache today, and we're still slightly wet from being outside before breakfast. So we went for a walk on the Lake Wilderness trail, and got even wetter. But I came home with a bundle of huge maple leaves and some photos... not bad for such a day.

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  1. Good for you for getting out despite the rain!


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