Christmas No. 2...

We stayed up too late last night, and got up in the dark to help with breakfast, then wave goodbye to my family as they headed for Leavenworth for a day in the snow. With time to kill before our boat, we explored the island, found some geocaches, and made the ferry with plenty of time to spare.

I brought my mom's sewing machine home with me. It's choking on something, and I offered to get it some help. Mom left it to my sister, and it's made plenty of kid's clothes and doll clothes, and even some quilts. I hope it still has life, and there will be many more hours of sewing ahead.

We're headed off island to spend the afternoon with DWs family, a big rowdy bunch from 84 to 18; such fun. Good food and wine, a Secret Santa gift exchange, and a sweater contest, then home in the cold rain to crash with Madison. Tomorrow's another day; maybe I'll find time to clean my house.

Or maybe I'll catch up on that stack of books that's been waiting for me.

And wait for it to snow.

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