Do bats ever go out of season?

This morning as I got my usual cup of coffee in the lunchroom, one of the shop guys said, "Hey look, Lissa's almost back in season!" I was tired, and admit it took me a second to realize what the heck he was talking about. He was talking about my Starbuck's travel mug, which is silver with lots of flying black bats all over it. I laughed, someone else commented about Halloween coming up, and that was that.

But it occurs to me that bats are universal, multi-seasonal creatures. The one time we had an unwelcome visitor in our house was in the spring. In summer, they dive-bomb us when we sit outside on the deck. We celebrate them in fall, as a symbol of Halloween, but they're night creatures, and all winter long I move about before daylight, and after dark.

Doesn't this make my favorite coffee mug in style, year round?

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