Main Street USA

They're new, the bright sandwich boards on street corners throughout Kent. These are reminders that Kent isn't just Kent Station, the fancy new shopping district on the north edge of town. To me, they're reminders that Kent is one of the lucky historic towns that still retains its original downtown. Follow the arrows and you'll discover tree-lined streets, corner benches, murals, and brick storefronts with restaurants and shops and antique stores.

As you walk the streets of Downtown Kent, you'll also discover hidden parks: we have a beautiful Japanese garden, a rose garden, and numerous pocket parks. My favorites are two brilliant green parks along the railroad tracks, across from the original train depot. I try to spend my lunch hours here. In all seasons, there are small things to enjoy. Roses in bloom, leaves turning fall colors, ducks and their babies enjoying the pond.

Like most towns these days, Kent is ringed by strip malls and freeways, fast food and car dealerships. It's sometimes hard to see past these distractions. But if you look closely, and take the time to follow the signs, you won't be disappointed.

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