Milk has more calories in California...

I was at my local Subway today, getting a sandwich for lunch. While I waited my turn, I read the nutrition poster. It's an occupational hazard for a technical writer, reading everything in sight (and if truth be told, looking for errors).

Today I zeroed in on the listing for 'white' milk (all milk is inheritently white, unless it's chocolate. Saying it's white is non-value added.) Then I noticed the calories:  'white' milk has 160* calories, except in California. What? Why?? Footnote: in California, milk has 190 calories.

Now I'm intrigued. Does California milk have some super-duper quality, some special processing that makes it richer and better while still retaining just 1% butterfat? We keep seeing commercials about cows wanting to go to California... maybe it's related. Or, is it just that the container is bigger in California?

If you buy 'white' milk at Subway in California, I'd love to know why the calorie count is higher there. Let me know...

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