Gardens in spring

However many years she lived, Mary always felt that she should never forget 
that first morning when her garden began to grow

I admit it... I am a fair weather gardener. And many years, I don't plant anything new, or move anything around, or plan new beds or borders, because we're often out on the road in spring and early summer, exploring the world outside our little farm. It's tough to bring new plants along, when no one is there to water them.

My hands-off approach works for me, because most of what grows around my little farmhouse has been established for a very long time. The trees and shrubs and perennials are mature, and they seem to do very well without any help from me...  they set fruit and burst into bloom and push up through the ground all on their own.

Still, I impatiently wait for the rains to quit, and the ground to warm up enough to start cleaning up the flowerbeds. A few weeks of weeding, nurturing the volunteers (anyone want some baby Hellebores?), checking each day for signs that my plants are alive and well. That's the kind of gardening I love.

The last time I put in new perennials was four years ago, when I planted one end of the patio border with a few of my favorites... lady's mantle, orange poppies, speedwell, and these gorgeous perennial bachelor's buttons. I love watching them push out buds, with a mosaic-like symmetry that I find beautiful. Then the purple-blue petals start to show at the tips, then the flowers burst into bloom. They are one of my favorite flowers to photograph, and if I'm careful to deadhead them, they'll bloom way into the fall.

Each year, I think I'm most excited when the lilacs finally bloom. Our four shrubs were old when we bought the property, and I still have one of the original shrubs. The rest have fallen victim to ice storms or old age, and I've let sucker plants grow up to take their place. This year they lasted longer than they normally do. Usually the lilacs burst into bloom, are gorgeous for a few days, then it rains, and the wind blows, and they're gone before I know it. But not this year. The lilacs were a joy for a couple of weeks.

Spring never disappoints me.

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  1. Pretty flower pics! Love those lilacs. If it weren't for my hubby, we would have no flowers in our yard. He's got the green thumb in the family, not me.


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