Simple days...

The hummingbirds arrived this week, and all day long, the males drank at the hummingbird feeders, and chased each other around.

I caught up on chores around the house, and worked in the wine cellar where it was cool. Mid-afternoon I took my book upstairs to the guest room, where I could see out into the old orchard. The kids and grandkids are visiting next door, and I heard the laughter of children all afternoon long.

Today the dark rose peony bloomed, a gorgeous rich color, with big saucer-sized flowers. It's finally come into its own. Five years in the ground, the first two with no blooms at all. The first year it bloomed, the flowers were simple and single. This year it has seven blooms, big and double and oh, so fragrant.

After dinner, we spotted a very small doe working her way around the climbing rosebush, greedily eating just the blooms. She seemed to be on her own, which is unusual. I hope she has friends nearby.

The early evening light was golden, streaming across the back pasture, lighting up the last of the rhododendrons to bloom each year... a beautiful deep red turning blood red in the sun.

At 7:30 I walked out on the front porch to watch the last rays of light filtering through the trees. There was no sign of our young doe, but the quail were out on the patio, and scattered in all directions. The hummingbird at the feeder didn't even flinch, just kept right on eating.

I love the simple days.

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