A year ago...

One of the benefits of a daily journal is being able to look back and see where I was a year ago, or ten years ago. This day last year, DW and I were on the Big Island, our first ever visit to Hawaii. We woke to rain, and decided it was the perfect time to go snorkeling. Who cares if it's raining; you're going to be wet no matter the weather! So we found our way to a place the locals go, called Two Step.

. . . . .

There was no snorkeling for me today, on this equally rainy day. I got wet running errands, but also spent time working on a quilt. I had no idea there was so much fabric in my scrap bins: enough for a dozen little quilts so far.

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  1. I totally agree it is reading about previous years, so interesting to see and read life's changes.


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