Blue and pink...

This morning I cut fabric again: a blue and pink scrappy snowball quilt, from a book of Civil War quilt patterns. I've wanted to pair pinks and blues in a quilt, and have so many scraps in those colors. The pattern is designed for civil war fabrics; if I like how the quilt turns out, I may do another.

I've turned my back on EJ the past couple of weeks; all I want to do is design more small quilts and cut fabric. Maybe it's time to let go of "daily." Daily blog post, daily photographs, daily journal. Something to think about, as we turn the corner to spring and my chores start to multiply.

This afternoon, TrueRed took us geocaching. We did a series out in Enumclaw, and ended up at The Mint for dinner. We fit the wee car into a small spot across the street, and walked right in to a table in the back. No waiting at all, not what I expected at 6:00 on a Saturday night. I had a Seven Seas rye ale that was dark amber and yummy, and Dave had an IPA that exactly suited his tastes and went perfectly with his southwestern salad with chicken. I had my favorite burger. We talked and laughed for a couple of hours; the perfect end to a fun day.

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  1. Sometimes you need to take a break from daily. You may come back, you may not. Either is ok.


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