At the top of the mountain

My day was all planned out. Rain, so a morning quilting sounded like the perfect thing to do.
At least, that was my plan. Until Dave suggested we go hike to the top of Squak Mountain to find a geocache we need to complete a challenge. I wasn't exactly thrilled about hiking in the rain (been there, done that). But off we went.

We explored a bit first, scouting out the best route, hoping the rain would stop or at least slack off. But when we got to the trailhead and it was decision time, it was still raining hard. But we opted to just go for it. As my sister always says, it's just water. So off we went.

Most of the trail was uphill through the woods, with no views at all. So I just put my head down and slogged uphill. And I walked headlong into a tree that had blown down across the trail. Good thing I was wearing a baseball cap under my raincoat; it padded the blow a bit. I paid more attention after that!

The trail took us clear to the top of the mountain, and when we dropped down on the north face, the wind was howling and the trees were swaying and it was more than a little creepy. I took a couple of photos where Mt. Rainier should have been, and we found the cache and headed down.

Our jeans were pretty wet when we got back to the Pilot, but we were thankful for our Costco rain jackets that kept the rest of us dry and warm. An early dinner sounded like a good idea, so we headed for Draft Choice, the sports bar at the end of Thomas Road. We figured if we were still dripping, they wouldn't mind. With the heat cranked up and the heated seats on high, we shivered our way to Black Diamond to find an uncrowded bar and awesome burgers, topped with bacon and blue cheese. Perfect with an Irish Death porter, one of my favorite local brews.


  1. I always feel pretty badass if I hike or run in the rain! Then you have bragging rights! :)

  2. Hiking in the rain is always memorable.


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