That feeling of belonging...

Quilting has been a passion of mine for years now, but I've never joined a quilt guild or taken a class. It's always been enough for me, to cut and stitch in the privacy of my sewing room, and go shopping for fabrics for my stash, knowing I'd eventually find the perfect pattern to use them. That's all changed. And all it took was one of my friends deciding to learn how to quilt.

Kimberlee discovered one of my favorite online quilting experts, read a stack of books, and bought a new sewing machine (I'm jealous!). Recently she was invited to join a quilt guild, and she invited me to join with her. Tonight was my first meeting, and just like that, I'm part of this group of women who love quilting and designing and shopping for fabric just like I do, who have made me welcome. It's a sweet, sweet feeling.

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  1. Good for you to find a group. Always a lot of fun to share a common creative interest.


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