Fall awaits...

It was a day to warm the chairs in the farmhouse, watching the new season of NCIS and cuddling with our cat. We're trying to turn her into a lap cat, and it might actually be working. She slept on my lap for nearly twenty minutes before she started to get restless.

It seems like autumn has arrived. In just a couple of days, the sunny days have turned to rain, and the leaves are coming down, and the mornings are getting colder.

The maple trees across the valley are starting to change, finally. Soon, unless we get a soggy and windy storm, the hillsides will blaze with color, and the trails will be thick with leaves that crunch under my feet.

All summer long, I look forward to those hikes through the woods. It means giving up the warmth of summer days, but I never mind trading them for autumn's cool, crisp mornings.

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  1. Love it when the maple leaves turn. Nice capture of the colorful leaves.


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