Out of the desert of southern Idaho, and into the mountains of Utah. We're here mainly for one short hike above 8,000 feet, into the alpine meadows with running streams and towering firs. The back dirt roads were empty of travelers, the forest camps closed for the season. At the trailhead, the twin ponds were peaceful and serene, and just begging for a bit of fly fishing. Alas, we didn't bring our gear this trip.

The hike up the hill was short, but I was out of breath by the time we made it to our goal: Utah's oldest geocache, placed in August 2000. Then we hiked back down through the meadows, and followed the narrow winding road down the valley through forests of aspen. This is a part of Utah we've not visited before, and it's beautiful.

Mac, the travel bear, at Utah's oldest cache

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