Resting place...

We headed east into thick fog this morning... no sun made it through for a couple of hours. Quite a change from the past few days, geocaching in the sunny wheat fields of southeast Washington and into the mountains of northeast Oregon. On our radar this trip are pioneer cemeteries, and each time we pass through a small town, we make sure to seek out the original cemetery for that community. Some are just a fenced area in the middle of a huge wheat field, others are an emerald green oasis with huge trees, lovingly tended by volunteers.

This morning we left Mountain Home early, and decided to wait for breakfast until we've been on the road for a while. We found a Basque restaurant for breakfast just a couple of miles off the freeway. I would have stopped here just for the name: The Farmhouse. Amazing food, great coffee, cheap prices... and the sun finally burned through the fog. We drove all the way into Central Utah today; a very long day. I was so glad to finally get off the freeway and turn up into the mountains.

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