Top of the world...

For the next five days and four nights, we're going to be a mile high with a bird's-eye view of Mount Rainier. This historic fire lookout will be our home and our job. During the day, we'll show it off to visitors, and at night, it will be all ours.

The lookout stands on the the top of a knoll, with the road wrapping around it in a spiral. I stand on the top, and slowly turn in a circle. I am surrounded by mountains... the majestic Mount Rainier, the far-off Olympics, Mount Baker, Glacier Peak, Kelly Butte, the Alpine Lakes wilderness, the Stuarts, and a lot more I couldn't identify. A 360 degree panorama of the Cascades, even the top of the gondola at Crystal Mountain.

My sister, nieces, and great nieces came to visit us today, bringing lunch and smiles and excitement at being here to experience this awesome place with us.

We first came to Suntop in June of 2015 to find a geocache. I can't believe we're finally getting our turn to call this place home, even if just for a few days.


  1. Wow, how cool! How'd you get to stay there? Did you have to reserve the lookout?

    1. Hi, Linda... this and other lookouts are staffed by Forest Service volunteers during the summer months. My husband and I both volunteer, and were lucky enough to get our shifts one after the other. Four days on top of the world... more photos from those days are coming!


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