This month is the one I love above all others. It's partly because my birthday falls in the center of it. But more than that, it's because September is a month of anticipation.

When I was a child, I would practically shiver with anticipation of going back to school. New classes and new things to learn. New classmates, and seeing old friends after the long summer. Spending hours in the fabric stores and poring over patterns with my mom, and standing beside her as she sewed. And that first day, dressing in my brand new, mom-made outfit, and posing for a photo before I headed off to school.

I haven't lost that sense of excitement, feeling that wonderful things were about to happen. It's what makes this my favorite month.

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  1. I love September too. Always amazing blue skies sprinkled with puffy white clouds. My daughter's birthday is the 18th and I am thrilled when kids go back to school. Everything is so much quieter.


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